Fujitsu Technology Solutions places an order with Sonopress for millions of discs

Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, one of the leading European computer companies, and media serviced provider Sonopress have concluded an exclusive long-term agreement on the production and allocation of installation software for the European market.


This subsidiary of the Japanese technology group Fujitsu K.K. offers an extensive portfolio of technology products, solutions and services – from terminals to computing centers to comprehensive IT outsourcing and cloud solutions. Fujitsu Technology Solutions, which has its main European offices in Munich, develops and produces notebooks, PCs, thin clients, servers, mainboards and storage systems in Germany, and also operates various computing centers there.


The agreement that has now been drawn up gives Sonopress the job of manufacturing, packing and assembling disc-based installation and recovery products that are incorporated into Fujitsu’s production work. "We use an 'operator model' to assemble the software products manufactured at the headquarters in Gütersloh in a way that is individualized by product. This cross-location service solution is implemented in close collaboration with the technology group and handed over 'just in time' to Fujitsu," explains Jörg Pollmeyer, Vice President of Sales at Sonopress. Precise coordination and on-target delivery are key for the exact scheduling of subsequent processes. Taken as a whole, the services extend to the production and assembly of about 200 software kits, or "skus," that will be transferred to Fujitsu along with the specific authenticity certificates and enclosures.


"We are happy to be able to support Fujitsu Technology, another leading provider in the IT sector, with a service solution that is tailored to the customer’s specific requirements," says Pollmeyer. "It is a significant business partnership that ensures additional volume," he emphasizes, expressing his thanks for the excellent teamwork in the areas of customer service, operations and IT that made it possible to implement the complex requirements in the shortest possible period of time. "Using the operator model, we will coordinate, in close collaboration with the key customer, the need for software kits for the European market," explains Sales Director Andreas Walter. The new business partnership went live last week; it will involve the annual production and delivery to Fujitsu of millions of discs together with specific enclosures.