Prinovis and Bernd Rose to collaborate on groundbreaking gravure innovation

Expanded inline production

Since the beginning of the year, Prinovis, the gravure-printing arm of Bertelsmann Printing Group, and the Bernd Rose printing company have cooperated on a technical innovation that makes it possible to produce products with a cover inline in a gravure-printing process. The innovation: in this special inline production process, some sheets, for example the first and the last, can be twice as thick as all the others. Due to the different paper thicknesses, the finished product has the appearance of a conventionally processed magazine/brochure with a jacket. Prinovis has now secured the exclusive rights of use, alongside Rose Druck GmbH in Landau, for the innovative process, for which Bernd Rose filed an international patent last year.

“We are delighted,” said Astrid Meicherczyk, CEO of Prinovis Germany, “to have signed a license agreement securing the exclusive rights of use, alongside Rose Druck GmbH, for all the relevant printing markets in Europe.” Meicherczyk is convinced of the benefits of the technological innovation: “The new process enables the production of an upgraded inline product, in particular for publishers, mail-order companies and stationary retailers. Compared to a conventional stitched product with a cover, this means drastically reduced production times and significantly simplified handling, as well as cost savings. It also provides a solution for the recurring problem of different paper shades and color reproduction between the cover and the content pages. Meanwhile, the format variability of gravure printing remains fully intact.”

Bernd Rose, majority shareholder of Rose Druck, also takes a very positive view of the collaboration with Prinovis: “Prinovis and Rose Druck’s complementary capacities in terms of printing widths will allow for introducing and using the innovation across the entire spectrum of gravure printing. Moreover, a joint further development of the process can be driven forward at Rose Druck, where the technology has been used in ongoing production since mid-2017.”


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