rtv Media Group to produce and market the “Stern” supplement “TV-Magazin”

“Stern” is switching production partners for its “TV-Magazin” supplement. From November, rtv Media Group will design, produce and market the supplement as part of a cross-divisional collaboration at Bertelsmann: Gruner + Jahr publishes “Stern,” and rtv Media Group is part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group.

The change means that “Stern TV-Magazin” will be larger and have a more upscale look-and-feel. The full-run listings pages, which rtv produces as a standard for its clients, are supplemented with exclusive content for “Stern,” including the title, editorial articles and the puzzles its readers love. The thematic focus will be on TV recommendations and reviews of selected movies and programs.

Alexander Schwerin, Publisher “Stern” at G+J, said: “Our market research shows that the ‘TV-Magazin’ is always very intensively read. For years, ‘Stern’ readers have appreciated the supplement as a great extra, for its quality and service. We would like to continue offering them this. In rtv Media Group, we have picked the partner with the greatest expertise and reach in TV listings information.”

Ulrich Buser, Managing Director of rtv Media Group, added: “rtv Media Group has around 60 years of experience in the TV information segment and the production of first-class content. Our strong presence in the weekly TV listings market – rtv achieves a weekly circulation of 7.2 million copies – makes us an indispensable partner. We are delighted to be able to offer our advertising clients the highly attractive readership of ‘Stern’ as an extension in future.” Buser said the aim is “to produce the best possible TV magazine for ‘Stern’ readers, so as to further strengthen reader loyalty.”