Sonopress Achieves Another Milestone

Three million Ultra HD Blu-ray discs in a single year.

A few days ago, the global media services provider Sonopress achieved another milestone in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray production. Almost exactly one year after the first disc in the new, high-resolution format came off the production line in Guetersloh, the replication experts have passed the three million mark.

“UHDs have been an absolute success story for our company since Day One," emphasizes Sonopress Managing Director Sven Deutschmann. “On the one hand, we have shown that we blaze the trail for the entire industry in the technical development of a completely new format, and on the other, this pioneering role has opened the door to several worldwide entertainment clients. Hollywood majors Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures International, as well as other players including Concorde Home Entertainment and Highlight Constantin.

And the success story continues. Sonopress is currently producing all the Harry Potter films in the new format. In addition, Universum Film recently announced that it would start releasing films in 4K resolution in April – beginning with the blockbusters “Mechanic: Resurrection” starring Jason Statham, and “Lone Survivor,” a thriller about a Navy Seals mission in Afghanistan. Replication will be handled by Sonopress in both cases.

Sonopress is one of the central technology leaders for the new format. At the beginning of the year, the company received the prestigious DEG Award “Best Digital Product or Service Innovation for 2016” for its production of the Ultra HD Blu-ray 100.