Sonopress Produces Comprehensive Suite Of Products For Bushido's New Album

Several Bertelsmann Printing Group companies were involved in the production of the Limited Box Edition of “Mythos,” the new album by German rapper Bushido: Sonopress as well as its the sister companies Topac and Mohn Media were involved in the “360-degree product solution” featuring elaborate details.

The German rapper Bushido shot straight to Number One in the charts with his new album “Mythos.” Fans of physical sound storage media, which are also selling in large numbers, will find the Limited Box Edition particularly attractive, of course. It was produced by the international entertainment and media service provider Sonopress, part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group. The sister companies Topac and Mohn Media were also involved in the “360-degree product solution."

“We’re very excited about this high-profile project from our new customer Four Manufacturing,” says Jörg Pollmeyer, Vice President Sales at Sonopress. The new Bushido album was released on Sep 28, the Berlin rapper and producer’s 40thbirthday in the year he celebrates his 20th anniversary of performing on stage. Reason enough to surprise his fans with ‘something special. And “Mythos” does precisely this in several ways – with new musical accents and a reexamination of Bushido’s own story, and with the Limited Box Edition of “Mythos – 20 Year Anniversary,” timed to coincide with the release of the individual album, and containing elaborate special features and bonuses.

“Bushido attached particular importance to the overall concept of the box, its contents, packaging, and artwork,” explains Senior Account Manager Magnus Rosenthal, who managed the international process solution across all products. And so the box edition combines the album in a standard and an instrumental version on a double CD, as well as three other releases – Bushido’s 1999 solo debut album “Demotape,” and two EPs by Samra and Capital Bra. For the packaging, Bushido chose a box that is a replica of the music production center (MPC) he used for his first recordings in the late 1990s.

In developing and executing this specific requirement, Sonopress won the customer over with its Hong Kong-based China Sourcing Office. The business unit manufactured the two-piece black MPC box and its external packaging under the leadership of Jeff Wong.

Several Bertelsmann Printing Group companies were involved in the production of the various individual components – hence “360-degree product solution.” For instance, the slipcases for the individual editions and the box set’s double album were produced by Topac. Sonopress awarded the production of the Box Edition’s large-format 240-page, four-color illustrated books to its sister company Mohn Media, which is also part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group.

The numbers clearly illustrate the volume of this order: The goods arrived at Sonopress in Gütersloh in eight shipping containers, were supplemented with individual products during packing, and finally left the plant again in nine trucks with a total tonnage of 100 tons.